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Our expertise and services in Walkie Talkies encompasses all aspects from System Integration, Licensing Advice, Hire, Maintenance & Consultancy. All our staff are trained and approved by key manufacturers including Motorola, Tait, Icom, Maxon & Team Simoco enabling us to offer solutions from Digital, MPT1327 & more. The advancement in technology means we are now able to offer bespoke solutions which involves GPS, VoIP, Dispatch programs and lone worker solutions which are vital to business when thinking about duty of care and health and safety regulations.

Wirefr3 partner with two of the leading fleet tracking solution providers in Europe -Cybit & Trakm8. They both have a proven pedigree of working with customers to show an instant return on investment.

For many companies fuel, servicing & repairs are the biggest expense. Fleet Management can help you instantly reduce & control these overheads.

Just ask yourself the question  – “How would our costs reduce if we could achieve an extra 2 MPG per month or use one less set of discs & pads per year?”

Fleet tracking is no longer a luxury item, it is an essential business tool that is used by the majority of fleets in the UK. Isn’t it time you spoke to the experts about what Wirefr3 can do for your fleet?

Wirefr3 are an independent company. Our clients needs are at the forefront of our minds and not shareholders or profit margins. The key success of any business is client retention and this is where we excel.

At Wirefr3 we understand the need to offer flexibility to our clients. We offer a range of long term rental options as well as very competitive leasing terms to reduce the need for capital expenditure.

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Client Testimonials

ASDA Walmart

"Our radio network is mission critical for our business. Wirefr3 provide 24 hour, 365 days support to us and their service level continues to exceed our expectations."

IDC Lutterworth why di ASDA Walmart, Facilities Manager

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